Certify the ethical compliance of your research

2021-07-09 ! NEW ! You can now complete your application via a Limesurvey questionnaire by clicking on the following link :

The questions presented are adapted according to your answers.

If you prefer, the procedure described below (i.e., fill in the questionnaires in Word format and send them to is still available.

You wish to validate the ethical compliance of your research project to obtain an attestation or authorization from CUREG2.0. Follow the path described in the diagram below.

STEP 1: download questionnaires A-B, C-D, and if necessary questionnaire E-F-G (below)

STEP 2: fill in questionnaire A, entitled “General framework of the research”, which is common to researchers of the University of Geneva who

STEP 3: Fill in questionnaire B, entitled “Data collected during the research”, and questionnaire C, intended to perform a “Self-assessment of ethical risks“, which is necessary even in the case of an in-depth expert assessment of the project.

If all the answers to questionnaire C are negative, then you can finalize your application for a certificate of ethical compliance by validating part D. This certificate will be issued by CUREG after analysis of the answers to questionnaires A-B-C-D, in principle within 2 weeks if the decision does not require additional information.

STEP 4: If one or more answers to questionnaire C are positive, then you must complete the in-depth questionnaire (parts E-F-G) and attach the documents necessary for the ethical assessment of the project (complete description, data management plan, evaluations by other authorities, etc.).

DECISION: The final decision on authorization may require a request for additional information and/or a request for modification of the initial project once it has been evaluated. The researcher will be informed within a minimum of 4 weeks after the submission of the complete file (questionnaires A-B, C, E-F-G and annexes) of the procedure to follow. The comments of the experts are attached to the decision. 

Applications must be sent as a SINGLE pdf document (< 2Mb) to

Currently, the questionnaires are only available in French. An English version will be available soon. Thank you for your patience!