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If you have not been expressly invited to participate in the tests, please do not use this site to submit your research projects and go to the old site to do so. Thank you for your understanding.

University of Geneva's Committee for Ethical Research

Certifying that your research is ethical

CUREG2.0 is a University committee that advises its members, researchers and students conducting research on ethics-related issues. The aim is to ensure that projects are carried out in keeping with the principles of ethical research.

Training & news


CAS – Ethique, santé et environnement. Intégrer l’éthique dans la prise de décision

Dans un monde qui évolue au rythme rapide de l’économie, de la technologie, de la législation et de la globalisation, la santé humaine et l’environnement sont devenus plus vulnérables. Tous ces…
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Publication – « Enjeux éthiques dans l’enquête en sciences sociales »

« Les questions d’éthique de la recherche sont incontournables dans toute pratique d’enquête en sciences sociales. Nous constatons cependant que ce qui était jusqu’ici régulé de manière interne…
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How the process works

  1. Check whether your research needs to be certified.
  2. Log in using your ISIs account.
  3. Complete the self-assessment questionnaire on ethics-related risks.
  4. Your answers will be analyzed by our Committee members or by outside experts.
  5. You may be asked to provide additional information or make changes to your project.
  6. Your research project will be certified once the questionnaire has been fully completed and approved.

Our missions

CUREG2.0’s main mission is to promote ethical research at the University of Geneva and to help researchers in that process.

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Our members

CUREG2.0 is made up of representatives from each of the University’s departments and the relevant administrative teams within the Rectorate, as well as experts in areas such as environmental risks and military, security, political, and intelligence matters.

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How we work

The potential risks that a research project poses will determine which certification procedure we follow.

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