About us

CUREG2.0 works in keeping with the University of Geneva’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, drawn up by the University’s Committee on Ethics and Professional Conduct, which is the University’s authority on ethics-related matters.

CUREG2.0’s role is to:

1) assess ethical aspects of research projects:

  • that involve human participants and fall outside the scope of the Swiss Federal Human Research Act (RS 810.30);

  • that take place in open spaces ­– typically outside a lab – and that could have an adverse impact on the environment; or

  • whose results could serve multiple purposes and have military, security, political or intelligence-related implications;

2) assess, where necessary, inter-institutional research projects involving a researcher from the University of Geneva;

3) identify and approve the ethical principles and rules applicable to the research projects mentioned in points 1 and 2 above;

4) promote training on research ethics;

5) advise researchers on ethical aspects of their research projects.

Reference documents

We base our work on the principles of ethical research set out in the documents below.

Useful documents/links