About us

The mission of the University Commission for Ethical Research in Geneva (CUREG2.0) is to carry out ethical assessments of research projects involving human participants that do not fall within the scope of the Federal Law on Research Involving Human Subjects (RS 810.30).

CUREG also assesses research projects that take place in unconfined spaces, typically outside laboratories, and have a potentially deleterious effect on the environment, as well as projects whose results may have multiple uses with military, security, political or intelligence implications.

In addition to this evaluation mission, CUREG identifies and validates the ethical principles and rules applicable to the research mentioned above, advises researchers on ethical issues relating to their research projects and promotes the training of researchers in the field of research ethics.

CUREG2.0 is open to all Unige staff, whether they are responsible for projects (master’s, doctorate, funded or non-funded projects) or involved in a collaborative project with entities outside Unige.

Reference documents

We base our work on the principles of ethical research set out in the documents below.

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