Getting your research certified

This questionnaire must be filled out before any data are collected. Under no circumstances can your project be certified once it has been completed, even if, for instance, you subsequently require certification in order to get your research published.

If you are not sure whether you need to complete the questionnaire, please contact us at

CUREG2.0 assesses research projects:

  1. that are not medical but involve human participants (e.g., a questionnaire, observations or interviews);
  2. that could have an environmental impact (only concerns projects taking place in the field and outside the lab); or
  3. whose results could be of military, security or political interest, for example (i.e., research with multiple purposes).

We wish to remind you that you are responsible for managing the various ethical aspects of your project throughout all phases of your research.

To submit your request, you need to set up an account on our website. You have to do this using your Unige/ISIs account details.

Disclosure requirements

The principal investigator for a project that has human participants and is outside the scope of Geneva Canton’s research ethics committee (CCER) must inform the Committee immediately in writing if:

  • changes are made to a project already approved by CUREG2.0 (e.g., equipment, procedure or length);
  • unexpected problems arise that pose a risk to the project participants or a third party;
  • there is serious or lasting non-compliance with applicable regulations and/or the requirements or conclusions of the competent entities;
  • the research approval is suspended or cancelled by any competent entity ( e.g., IRB)