Webinars on research ethics and on teaching global childhoods

Webinar 1: Research ethics in childhood research includes four eminent childhood researchers who will reflect on today’s key ethical challenges: how to navigate the tension between situated ethics prevalent in many childhood research and institutionalized approaches to research though protocols and regulations; how to recognize children’s contribution in research in a more and more pervasive digital environment that asks for a stronger protection of children’s privacy; and how to create more space for ethical research that takes into account the social, cultural and structural realities and challenges that researchers encounter in the process of research.

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Webinar 2: Teaching ‘global childhoods’ in Childhood Studies brings into conversation four eminent scholars who, based on their teaching and research experiences, will explore: the theoretical and empirical framing of ‘global childhoods’, questions around intersectionality and positionality in teaching ‘global childhoods’, the decolonization of curriculum and epistemological justice, and the role of Childhood Studies journals in fostering critical debates and scholarship around knowledge production, research and training on ‘global childhoods’.

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Childhood Editors : Tatek Abebe, Sarada Balagopalan, Karl Hanson, Spyros Spyrou

Managing Editor : Ragnhild Berge